About Us

Longreach Energy was established in 2017 and is a partnership between Longreach Alternatives and Giant Capital Management. The firm is US focussed and contains both experienced industry, engineering and investment professionals.

As economies transition towards a future global energy mix increasingly powered by renewable energy, natural gas offers the most sustainable bridge to greener technologies. The majority of our investments are in natural gas reserves, which is viewed as the cleanest hydrocarbon and can be integrated with renewables to replace reliance on coal and oil. We also are exploring investment opportunities in a wider mix of energy sources, including renewable energy.

Longreach Energy has AUD$738 million assets under management as at 30 June 2022.

Fund 1 – Longreach Energy Holdings

Since inception (April 2018) Longreach Energy Holdings (Fund 1) has delivered a total return of 131% on called capital and is delivering an annualised income yield of 8%. As at 30 June 2022, Fund 1 has a 19% gearing ratio.

Closed to new investors

Fund 2 – Longreach Energy Income Fund

The Longreach Energy Income Fund (Fund 2) targets a total return of 20% p.a. (net of fees) inclusive of an income return target of 8% p.a. Income is paid quarterly to investors.

Open to new investors


We have business development, technical and portfolio service teams in Houston and Tulsa, staffed by local experts.

In addition, we have investment and technical team members based in London and Sydney and operational support provided by Longreach Alternatives in Sydney.

Our Team

The Longreach Energy Investment team has 21 people based in the US with established offices in Tulsa (Oklahoma) and Houston (Texas).

Andrew Sinclair

Managing Director - Commercial

Thomas Wagenhofer

Managing Director - Technical

Rita Whittington

Managing Director – Land and Operations

Samuel Mann

Chief Executive Officer Director & Co-founder

Andrew Flitcroft

Chief Operating Officer & Co-founder

Sam Edwards

Managing Director

Alex Haynes

Head of Distribution

Linda Wu, CFA

Head of Product and Operations

Contact Us

Please get in touch. Our Business Development, Technical and Operational teams are located in Sydney, Australia.

Longreach Alternatives

Lvl 13, 1 Margaret Street,
Sydney NSW 2000

+61 291 350 428