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Longreach Energy Holdings (Longreach Energy) was established in 2017 in partnership with Longreach Alternatives to provide Australian and International investors access to US subsurface energy assets, predominately containing Natural Gas which delivers both long-life income and capital gain.

The US Natural Gas industry has experienced strong growth due to the continued decommissioning of US coal fired power plants; increased electrification of its domestic market; an escalation in demand from industry and elevated export volumes. Additionally, further developments in US Natural Gas transportation and export infrastructure have improved efficiency within the US Natural Gas network, increasing profits for resource owners.

A Unique Asset Class

The USA is the only country in the world where sub-surface ownership is readily and privately tradeable, being bought and sold by individuals and corporations.

Longreach Energy acquires sub-surface real estate. The real estate provides ownership of everything beneath the ground and is separated from and sold by the surface owner who originally owned both the surface and everything that lies below.

The portfolio carries no exploration risk and contains both proven and probable reserves of US Natural Gas.

Our Capability

Longreach Energy Income Fund


To provide exposure to a diversified portfolio of predominately US Natural Gas investments held through mineral royalties and royalty-like interests.


To generate returns by gaining investment exposure to high yield and capital growth investments in appraisal, development and production opportunities of predominately Natural Gas assets in the USA.

Fund Key Features

Inception date

31 March 2021

Minimum Investment


Unit Pricing




Return Target

Total Return Target of 20% p.a. of which income return target is 8% p.a. (net of fees) over 3 years.


Initial 18-month lockup. Quarterly redemptions with 90 days’ notice.

Platform Availability (Advisers)

Netwealth, Powerwrap, HUB24, Mason Stevens and OneVue


Management fee: 1.545% p.a. (exclusive of GST/RITC)

How to invest

You need to be a qualified wholesale/sophisticated investor to invest.

To request an Information Memorandum (IM) and application form for the Longreach Energy Income Fund please contact the Longreach Client Services team either by email or telephone +61 291 350 428

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